Catching a Bird?

Oil on Hanji

I finally finished a painting today.  I have been working on several, but cannot seem to follow through…at least until now.  It is an oil painting on hanji, a pressed thick paper my brother bought me in Korea.  What you cannot see is that the neat pair of pink sunglasses are based on some gaming/virtual reality glasses.  It is not connected in the front but wraps around the back.  I usually don’t like the color pink, which makes me want to use it more.  I don’t really like guns, either, but the idea of a pink gun wielded by a woman in pink is pretty awesome.  There is an ambiguity about the bird’s motivation, it’s direction, and the roles the subjects play.  What do you think?


4 thoughts on “Catching a Bird?

  1. Christine! First, it’s great. Second, that’s obviously you. Third, the hand is freaking amazing. Fourth, here’s how I picture it: She’s sort of slowly/sleepily/halfheartedly trying to catch that bird, which seems to me to be being sucked into the gun rather than coming out. Maybe she’s having a dream about the gun and the bird, and she’s just waking up, and the dream is slipping away, and she’s trying to remember it all (and that’s why she’s reaching toward it) before she wakes up completely and loses it.
    Or maybe I just think that because you talk about weird dreams all the time.

    • Thank you, lady! I know it’s me…I tend to model for my own paintings for the convenience. I love the idea of the bird being sucked in, and the whole thing being a dream.
      You know me so well 🙂

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