Oil on Hanji

Hello!  This new painting is also on hanji, which is portable and has an amazing, soft texture on which to paint.  The only problem so far is that when I try to take a picture of the finished product, the paper doesn’t lie straight.  So…in the actual painting, the purple vertical lines do not curve as much.

Keeping that in mind…the painting is influenced by Alice in Wonderland.  I recently watched both the cartoon and the movie again, and decided it was time to do a painting.  While I do love the Cheshire Cat, I only took from him his colors.  If you zoom into the ear, the black dot is actually a mouse.  The red sunglasses are inspired by the cartoon’s glasses bird.  If you do not remember, I hope you feel the desire to watch it once more.

As always, I ask for comments and questions.  Let me know if you enjoyed anything in particular or if anything confused you.  Thanks!  Enjoy!


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