Rain wine

Oil on Hanji

This painting was completed in 2008, also at the studio in Seoul, Korea.  It is an oil painting on hanji.  The girl in the painting is actually one of the few where I am not the model.   She was another student painting at the studio.  There is a red liquid, which I like to think of as wine, flowing from a hole in the clouds above into a cracked mug in her hand.

My favorite part of this painting is the sleeve of the arm holding up the mug.  What is yours


3 thoughts on “Rain wine

  1. holy balls i am so glad you put this up here! the pictures i took that one day whit an i came over are all wobbely. also whitney never gave me the ones she took so i dont even have em all and i must have them all! i must! dude put more up! YAY!

    • I’m happy to oblige 😀

      I’ve been slacking a bit this month on painting, but I’m thinking it’s ok since I’ve been uploading a bunch of pics and keeping busy on other things…right?

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